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Welcome to Great Falls, South Carolina

     Great Falls is a very small Town located in the piedmont section of South Carolina on the Catawba River. The town was founded by the power company owned by Mr. J.B. Duke. As he built hydro electric plants on the Catawba and was the founder of the three Republic Cotton Mills, people were brought from far and wide from the farming communities to live in the newly constructed mill villages that offered new homes that were equipped with running water, electricity and sanitary sewers. The mill company owned and furnished to the merchants newly constructed buildings in the downtown area for retail trade. The northern part of town, nicknamed Flopeye, was primarily built and owned by private parties.

     The school system, part of Chester County School District, has always been successful in graduating scholars who went on to become lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, and professional medical personnel, which the community is very proud of.

     As a town, we cannot leave off our pride and admiration of our athletic teams which have won state championships in all major sports.

     The closings of the three mills and the decline in retail services within our town has had a negative effect on our population, but we are striving to turn things around and once again have a thriving and industrious town.


TO:                All Members of the Town Council


SUBJECT:    Proposed agenda for the regular Council Meeting of the Great Falls Town Council                                                              

                      to be held on February 20, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers of Town Hall.



       1)  Prayer

       2)  Pledge of Allegiance

       3)  Reading minutes of last month’s regular Council meeting

       4)   Public Session:

a) Hometown Association - Glinda Coleman

            b) Heart & Soul

            c) Flag Poles & Lighting - Morcon


       5)  Old Business:

            a) The Sale of Property - Council Member Craig

            b) Trash Can Garbage Rates - Council Member Craig


       6) Report on Departments:

            a)   Finance Department - Mayor Brantley

            b)   Sanitation Department - Sanitation Supervisor Marlow

            c)   Wastewater Department - Mayor Brantley

            d)   Police Department - Mayor Brantley

            e)   Fire Department - Fire Chief Jones    


       7)  New Business:  

            a) Industrial Lighting Replacement - Mayor Brantley

            b) First Reading of moving Council Meeting date - Council Member Leonhardt


       8)  Mayor’s Report:

            a) Mill Site Remediation

            b) Street Scapes Project

            c) Duke Energy / PRT Lease Signing - Dearborn and Mountain Island

            d) Sanitation - Trash Cans Update

            e) Recreation

            f) Wastewater Clarifier Grant

            h) Annexation

            i) Great Falls Planning and Zoning

            j) Town Hall

            k) Special Election

            l) Economic Development


       9)  Executive Session:

            a) Contractual matter regarding Economic Development - Mayor Brantley

            b) Personnel matter concerning Fire Department - Mayor Brantley

            c) Personnel matter concerning Wastewater Department - Mayor Brantley

            d) Contractual matter regarding Wastewater Department - Mayor Brantley

            e) Personnel matter concerning Police Department - Council Member Lyles




The invocation and its content do not represent the views or religious beliefs of the Town of Great Falls.  The Town of Great Falls believes in the freedom of religion and welcomes into its community persons of any and all religious faiths and persons who hold no religious beliefs. The purpose of the invocation is only to solemnize the proceedings of the Town Council in accordance with the long-held traditions of this nation and this community throughout its history.  The invocation is not intended to advance or promote any one religion is it intended to disparage any particular set of religious beliefs.  In the event a person in attendance does not wish to participate in the invocation or to be present for the invocation, that is perfectly acceptable. That person is allowed to remain present and simply not participate.  Alternatively, that person is allowed to step outside the Council Chambers for a few moments and, in doing so, he or she will not miss any portion of the Council meeting nor will he or she be prohibited from fully participating in the meeting.                        Agenda Posted 2-17-23