Weekly Garbage Pickup


Tuesday's Garbage Route:

Hampton, Republic, Dearborn, Farrow,Church,Brookline, West Jefferson, Hill, Pinecrest Ave., Prospect, Pendleton, Center, Circle, Seaboard, Locust, Canal, Broad, Pine, North, Washington, Columbia, Catawba, Leland, Wilson, Jackson, and Underwood.


Thursday's Garbage Route:

Beckhamville, Duke, Oak, Holly, Walnut, Poplar, Argonne, Birch, Maple, Elm, Duke and Chester Ave.

 - All household garbage must be in 90 gallon containers or two 45 gallon cans or less.
 - The fee for regular pickup is $13.50 per month. 
 - Limbs, leaves, and brush can be picked up at the curb.